February 17, 2020

Better Eats for 2020 with Chopt

Hey fam! Long time no speak on here. 

This year was off to a rocky start - both for me and the world it seems - but the one thing I'm proud to say is that I've stuck to my health + nutrition goals! Last year I  made a commitment to myself to do better by my body by eating more consciously and moving around more often. And that is exactly what I've done!

A huge factor has been having "better for you" meals accessible to me during those busy days that make my food choices a no-brainer. Cue: Chopt! I  cannot stress enough how much of a game changer their app has been for me these last few months. I simply order my bowl in advance, set up a pick up time, grab my quick bite and go about my day. If you're near a location I highly recommend trying this out - it'll save you so much time! Some of my favorite salads/bowls are their Harvest 
Bowl, Kebab Cob Salad and their Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad.

So cheers to making smarter choices in the nutrition department all 2020!


*This post is sponsored by Chopt. All opinions are my own*


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