October 30, 2019

Native Deodorant Challenge: A Recap

Hi bbs! Wanted to talk to you guys about my most recent challenge: the #NativeDeoChallenge!

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know I switched over to natural deodorant earlier this year. Now this journey has not always been an easy one, but it sure as hell has been rewarding. Recently Native approached me with a proposition, a challenge that would span across two weeks to truly put my natural deodorant to the test. Since I’ve been traveling non-stop during the last few months I thought, what better way to test out my Native than to bring it along with me to different countries, climates and activities?! And so my challenge began.

I brought my Native deodorant along to three different countries and climates: England, Iceland and Bali. For the most part, the first two were on the colder front with Bali being the true tester given the tropical climate. Here are some takeaways from my challenge:
  • Native is the only natural deodorant that works for me. Period.
  • The deodorant held up immaculately in England and Iceland with no sweat or reapplication throughout the day
  • In Bali I've noticed some sweat as the day goes by, but no smell which is the golden ticket!
  • Whenever I’m spending more than 4 hours away from our Airbnb I’ll bring my deodorant with me to reapply for minimization of sweat - I recommend this for vigorous activities as well
  • There was no difference in scents - all had the same effect on me

So there you have it folks! I’m challenging three of my friends on social media and want to invite you to also join us in giving Native a shot! I truly believe in this product and if you’re interested in the natural deodorant space there’s no better option! Plus they have free returns and exchanges should you end up not liking the scent you pick! Trust me I’ve searched.

@suzyshattuck, @josie_sanders and @chicmystyles - it’s your turn ladies! Tune into their journey for the next two weeks to see how Native works for them and use my code, Chelsea20, for 20% off the Native website to join them! 


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