September 17, 2019

My Roadway Moving Experience

 Hi bbys! What a crazy month it's been. Between travels, moving and NYFW, I'm surprised I'm still standing. Today I want to chat with you guys about the moving part! 

Back in the summer, Jay and I decided we were going to move in together. We set a date and were stoked to be taking the next step in our relationship. As the date got closer I started to get super anxious about the actual act of moving because of everything it entails - especially for a gal who has so.much.crap. like myself. On top of that, the move was taking place right after two back-to-back trips (LA and Italy) which meant I barely had any time to pack. While in Italy I actually had a night where I legit couldn't sleep because the anxiety of moving kept me up all night. Enter: Roadway!

I had heard nothing but great things about their services via social media and was curious if the hype was real. We got in touch around two/three weeks before my move and they walked me through the entire process. They offer to pack for you, but being as hard-headed as I am, I opted to do this myself. The team dropped off some boxes a few days prior and kept checking in with me as the moving date approached. Praised be for Roadway's last minute packing skills because when the movers showed up I still had about half my life left to pack.

The day of they give you a time window when the movers are expected to arrive. My team was very punctual and got to work right away. I love that the movers always work with the same team because you can sense the fluidity in their dynamic just by how fast they get everything done. True professionals!

The actual move (with some last-minute packing on their end) took about 3.5 hours. A truck-full of crap in under 4 hours! Y'all, that's unheard of. I know for a fact that if I tried to do this myself I'd take at least two days, hands down. I also loved how careful they are with all of your belongings! Out of everything I moved, only two wine glasses didn't make it - and that's because I packed them poorly! 

In terms of pricing, it really depends on how much/what you're moving and the distance between your old place and new. You can get a free quote on their website to help you plan financially! I wasn't moving any furniture, yet had a full truck worth of boxes. I was also moving within the same borough and my quote was around $1,000, without tip. Worth every penny if you ask me!

Hands down, I can whole-heartedly recommend Roadway to anyone looking to move in the near future. It'll save you an immense amount of time, not to mention your mental health!

Feel free to drop any Q's you may have in my DMs. 



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