July 29, 2019

Summer Travel Legs ft. Billie

Oh hi babes - happy Friday! This gal just got back from the Bahamas and having major vacation withdrawals. Working on a travel post for y'all, but I seriously could not wait any longer to tell you about my favorite shaving products - so here it is. Cue: Billie!

I first learned about Billie a few months back when an unexpected package was sent my way. I've always been a men's razor kind of gal because I simply could not find a woman's razor that gave me that clean and smooth shave that I crave. I was always left with bumps or cuts or missed patches of hair and it was just never a seamless experience. Until I found Billie, that is!

The reason I found my match in a Billie razor is because they're built exceptionally. They're sharper (5 blades), smoother (encased in a charcoal shave soap to glide over your skin), not to mention affordable!

Aside from a well-built, results-driven product, I also love that they stand for "Womanhood". So much so that all products exclude the pink tax. Take that, patriarchy! haha.

For background, I only shave my legs these days as I laser my underarms and bikini, but God knows those leg hairs grow back faster than Lady Gaga fell for Bradley Cooper! So I usually bring this baby with me in all of my travels - especially tropical ones. I have to say, it makes me so happy to unpack such an aesthetically pleasing razor + shaving cream and know: this was built for me. For a woman.

What is your hair removal weapon of choice? Would love to know in the comments!


*This post is sponsored by Billie. All opinions are my own*

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  1. it sounds like a great product! you are glowing girl! x
    have a lovely day!


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