June 21, 2019

Summer Style Trend Report

Happy first day of summer, loves! Tho it seems like Mother Nature may be stuck in spring (this rain tho?) sunny days lie ahead. I'm sure of it!

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my favorite trends I've spotted this season. If spring is any indication, summer will be all about pastels, tie-dye and some neon flares for me. Continue reading to catch some of my favorite pieces along with each trend!


Summer 2019 Trend Report

It's no secret that I've been all about the pastel hues lately - I mean they've sorta taken over my feed. But apparently so is the rest of the world! I've been doing quite a bit of primary shopping research lately ( ...sorry credit cards!) and the trend is everywhere I look! From matching sets, to fun summer blazers and off-the-shoulder tops. 

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you most likely have seen this trend all over social lately. I was weary to try it at first, but after dipping my toes into the trend, I'm now hooked! I'll be the first to admit, it can be tricky to style. Once you find the right pieces for you, however, I promise you won't be able to get enough. It's also such a nostalgic trend! Summer camp, DIY tie-dye, anyone? 

Ok so this is a trend I'm sort of salty about. Why you may ask? Because this "trend" was my jam back in high school, before it was "cool" to look like a highlighter head-to-toe. I had this weird fixation with lime green and would even go as far as claiming it as my favorite color....I know, right?! Welp, thank God I held onto at least one piece of the many I had in the color back then because I'm ready to say yes to the trend this summer!

Biker Shorts
Another trend I couldn't quite "go for" when it first caught on but now I can't get enough. Can we please make biker shorts acceptable in all circumstances? They're just oh so comfortable and work with so many different styles! See below for some of my faves!


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