June 30, 2019

How to Make Your Smile Shine in 30 Minutes

Everyone who knows me knows I run on coffee….and an occasional taco, but mostly coffee. It’s my truest love and we’re likely in this for life. Just sipping that freshly brewed cup to start my day brings me so much joy and makes me feel excited to get to work. Until I see my teeth on camera or in the mirror, that is. Coffee: I love you, but you stain the life out of my pearly whites.

Cue: ARC Whitening & LED Blue Light . I’ve tried many whitening systems before  and none seem to stick. Not too long ago I even did a full-on professional whitening and in a matter of months my teeth are back to that unpleasant beige shade. But then I came across this nifty little at-home kit that makes whitening your teeth, and keeping them white, so simple and easy. Just throw your strip on for 30 minutes and turn on your blue light for the last 5 minutes of the 30 minute treatment. I’ve been doing this while I catch up on social media or sift through my emails and even forget it’s there. 

I’m so excited to continue to use these babies and update you guys on my progress. So far, its brought so much life back into my smile already!

Head over to ARC's website and use the code ARCxChelsea for $15 off!



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  1. This is always so fun and creative!



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