June 6, 2019

#CAOLtravels: ¡Bienvenidos a Cabo!

¡Hola mis amores! Finally getting around to writing my Mexico recap for y'all. :) As you know, I've been non-stop traveling for a few months now, and before I know it I'll be off to my next adventure: London + Amsterdam. Ahh I can hardly wait! But today is all about Mexico and Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences

I was invited by this unbelievable property to check them out and immediately jumped at the chance. I mean: it's Mexico, it's warm and they have tacos...I think they call that a no-brainer. Upon arrival we were greeted by property-provided transportation whom took us to the resort.

My first impression as we checked in was how accommodating everyone was and just how h u g e the property is. I mean, we were there for 3.5 days and by the end I still couldn't find my way around! Thank God for the golf carts that make the rounds around the resort...

We settled in and had a welcome dinner at Los Riscos restaurant, with a side of jaw-dropping cliff views. The restaurant is situated pretty high up, which made the sunset even more stunning that evening. If you can, I recommend getting "el patron's" table which is the very last table on the edge. PS: this is one of nine restaurants on premise!

Our second day was all about exploring this stunning resort and its neighboring residences. We had breakfast in bed and shot content for most of the morning; then we hopped on a mini tour that ended in one of the residences' villas to enjoy our DIY guac and tequila tasting. Have you ever heard anything more me? We learned so much about the different tequilas/agaves in our lesson, btw. Also, who knew these libations were meant for sipping and not shots...hehe. :) The rest of our days we did massages and chilled hard around the property until dinner time back in the villas. 

Our third day was a bit of an excursion. After breakfast at Las Marias, we headed to the sister property Marina Fiesta where we got to experience a different side of Cabo. From my understanding, the Marina area is younger and a bit more "touristy." There's also this small town area where you can shop for souvenirs, eat local food + shoot some colorful and very "I'm in Mexico" snaps for the gram. ;) 

Our afternoon was spent sailing around the coast of Cabo, drinking beers and enjoying the sun. We were all so excited because we were finally going to see "El Arco" which is sort the most iconic Cabo sight there is, however the boat sailed off so fast I didn't grab a snap of it! :( Apparently it's illegal to actually stop around the arch (or you might need a special permit of sorts) so if you go, be ready to snap away upon arrival!

We enjoyed our last dinner at Los Deseos which had the most bomb Mexican dishes in Cabo, periodt. At this point I was having major post-sailing dizziness so after one margarita I had to cut myself off, but even the one was just so perfect! 

Want to wrap this up by saying a huge thank you to the Hacienda Encantada team for putting together this wonderful getaway. As always, if you guys have any questions or want to chat more about this property feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram! :)



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