June 17, 2019

#CAOLGuide: The Most Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles

Hey babies! Writing to you all from the other side of the world...sorta. Currently enjoying my last few days in Holland before I go back to the states. Next up: Palm Springs! One of my absolute favorite places in the world. But before I head back west, I thought I'd put together a quick guide to some of the "Instagrammable" spots in Instagram-land aka L.A. :)
Earlier this month I was in California for the We All Grow summit and I thought, why not drive around L.A. hitting up those super picturesque places we constantly see on social media and take some snaps. Signed @enziephoto up and we went for it! Turns out, L.A. knows a thing or two about ~aesthetics~ so if like me you also want to up your Insta-game while in lala-land, scroll through for some inspo.

Location: Barnes & Nobles in Studio City

Location: Venice Beach Sign - 80 Windward Ave.

Location: Venice - 416 Pacific Ave.

 Location: Venice Beach Boardwalk

 Location: Santa Monica Pier

 Location: Santa Monica Carousel 

 Location: Magazine Stand - 370 N. Fairfax Ave.

 Location: 8050 Melrose Ave. 

Location: 3400 Sunset Blvd.


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