April 17, 2019

What I Wore: Coachella Day One

Hi babes - I'm finally back from all of the madness! The last few weeks have been insane with back to back travels to Hawaii and Palm Springs for Coachella. I've never been happier to be at home, in my PJs, writing to you from my couch. 

While the festival was super fun, from minute one you're on the go. I barely had time to settle down before we had to be out the door for our first event. I *live for* extra af festival fashion, but this time around I prioritized being comfortable over everything else. I threw in a little shine here and there, but at the core all of my outfits were easy, breezy, beautiful, comfortable

For the first day, I rocked this cute band tee + skirt combo with, of course, a pair of kicks! I'm obsessed with these Reebok Aztrek pair because they're trendy and fashion-forward with the whole "dad sneaker" flare, while still being oh so comfortable! I wore them so much over the weekend, they started turning gray from the dust! *yikes* Add those to the pile of dust-ridden pieces that must be brought back to life sometime this week.

What are some of your favorite festival fashion moments? Tell me in the comments below!



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