April 26, 2019

The Key to Confidence in Style is....

Happy Friday, my loves! Today we're talking about a topic I feel isn't covered enough, and that is comfort in fashion. I think this is so important to me as I'm a firm believer that if you feel comfortable, you'll radiate confidence! Tried and true. Personally, I could be wearing the coolest, trendiest, most Insta-friendly outfit in the entire planet, but if the comfort piece is not there, I'm not feeling it. And how you feel is how you look!

Now this doesn't mean that you have to look a raggity mess all of the time. It's totally possible to wear put-together, even form-fitting looks and still feel 100% true to you. For me it all starts at the base: undergarments! This is another area in which I prioritize functionality and comfort over everything else. Just think about it - if the base layer of your outfit is not sitting right, how can the rest of your outfit feel wearable? My motto around undergarments is "if I'm not thinking about it, then it is doing its job."

That's why I'm OB-SE-SSED with Soma's Vanishing Strapless Bra! Now you guys know that I'm all about wireless everything, but trust me when I tell you you can't even feel this thing on! What I love most is that it stays put all day long - there's no tugging, pulling or shifting of any kind. Especially now that we're going into strapless season, this baby has become my go-to.

I also really love their Vanishing Tummy Retro Briefs (high-waisted) and their Vanishing Back Wireless Bra - perfect t-shirt bra! Linked below some additional faves:

Now tell me in the comments, what kind of garments make you feel most comfortable?


This post is sponsored by Soma. All opinions are my own.

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