April 2, 2019

Put a Little Sass in Your Spring

Wooo spring! The time where flowers are blooming, the weather is turning and bare legs are out to play! There's just something about the season that brings out the best in everything and everyone - especially *busy* New Yorkers. Sure we're still running from place to place and cannot be bothered, but you might just catch a quick smile or two while at it. ;)

I couldn't think of a better time to play around with my Betsey Johnson pieces than in the spring. This iconic brand embodies the season's best: color, spunk and all around joy! I mean just look this kiss-print dress and phone booth purse. Fashion, like spring, is meant to be fun and flirty and BJ totally gets that. Plus, it's sort of hard not to feel like a bad ass when rocking such bold, yet wearable pieces!

What's your go-to piece to celebrate the arrival of the new season? Tell me in the comments!


*This post is sponsored by Betsey Johnson. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Chelsea as of Late.

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