April 19, 2019

Coachella: Here’s How to Get All of Your Essentials Shipped to the Festival!

Hello from NYC after nearly half a month of traveling! I’ve been non-stop go go go since the beginning of April and it feels so nice to finally be home.

Just this past weekend, I attended my very first Coachella festival and it was quite the experience! I danced, I laughed, I hung out with old friends and made new ones and, of course, I did what I love most which is capture content for you guys! The only thing that made Coachella tricky for me was that I was coming almost directly from Hawaii...I only had a day in New York to switch my bags and head back west. So inevitably, some essentials were left behind like my Polaroid film! I was so bummed at first, but then I remembered there were Amazon Lockeronsite. Meaning you can order just about any and every festival essential straight to the Coachella grounds! Plus, if you order before noon PT, you can get same-day delivery and pick up your items that same night. Umm...can we have these at all festivals?!

For weekend two, you can order starting Thursday, all the way up until Sunday and pick up same day. I shipped myself my Polaroid film (of course!), a water-proof case because you never know, and a sun visor - which came in handy for day three since the sun was borderline dangerous. You can see the full selection here and at amazon.com/coachella!

What are some of your festival essentials?


This post is sponsored by Amazon Locker. All opinions are my own!


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  1. I have so many essentials! I definitely loved the weekend!



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