February 21, 2019

A Sweet Upstate Escapade - Scribner's Catskill Lodge

Hi cuties! Today I'm bringing you guys a good ol' travel guide to one of my all-time favorite places in all of New York: Scribner's Catskill Lodge. I'll be the first one to admit, I'm a beach over mountain any day type of person. I was raised on an island, so salt water quite literally runs through my veins. But see, being born in the dead smack middle of the winter and being the wanderluster that I am, I've had to expand my horizons when it comes to birthday getaways. Cue: upstate New York! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em they say!

I first learned about Scribner's when I visited over the summer with H&M. Upon stepping into this quaint little space I was instantly smitten. It has this cozy yet modern feel throughout the property that gives you that "we're not in Kansas anymore" feeling, without being too far removed from the city. From Queens, the drive up to SCL is around 2.5 hrs with no traffic, so it's the perfect winter getaway!

Not to mention, the location is superb for any winter sport fanatics. Scribner's is just a quick five minute drive to Hunter mountain where you can snowboard and ski. Jay and I tried our hand at snowboarding - needless to say I fell more times than I can count and had a bruised tailbone to show for my *mad skills*. Jay on the other hand killed it and was a pro by his second run...I wasn't salty at all... :) Oh and another fun amenity: Scribner's has a loan car service which guests can enjoy for up to two (maybe three) hours at a time! So if you're not driving up to the Catskill, you can still have some wheels to move around. 

Speaking of amenities, let's talk about Prospect, Scribner's restaurant which boasts a "playful twist on local cuisine inspired by the rich and diverse offerings of the Hudson Valley." I can't even begin to explain how delightful our meals were. You can 100% tell that everything is sourced locally and organically, making every bite that much more special. Prices aren't the cheapest, but I recommend dining here at least once during your stay. Breakfast is a must!

Lastly, I want to start sharing a price breakdown per travel guide with you guys, so that you can get a better sense of how much you can expect to spend. At CAOL, we're all about living our most fulfilled lives while still on a budget, which will always include sneaking in a getaway here and there. Without further ado, this is what you can expect to roughly spend for a trip similar to this one:

Sunday-Monday stay currently ranges from $220-600 a night for two adults at SCL. 
Food + Drinks:
Around $300 for a two day stay
We paid $80 for gear rental and lift access on Hunter Mountain

Well there you have it babes! If you're heading up to Scribner's, please let me know of any questions you may have and share share share your content my way! Dying to see you guys living your best winter lives up there. :)


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