December 30, 2018

Three Closet Staples to Survive this Winter

With Winter officially in full force, rainy + snowy days are ahead! I, for one, don’t mind winter weather, as long as I’m cozied up at home and get to enjoy the flurries from the comfort of my couch hehe! But for those days when you must step outside and brave whatever winter throws your way, here are my list of essentials to keep you nice and dry (/warm!) this season:

Sperry’s Maritime Repel boots

I’ve been a tall rain boots kind of gal my entire life! It wasn’t until I discovered these Sperry short rain boots that I’ve officially converted. I’m obsessed because they’re lighter weight and easier to wear than your usual long boot, clunky rain boot. I also feel like they’re a bit more fashion-friendly than the rest - with these, you can really play up your personal sense of style without having to work around the length of a “traditional” rain boot. Not to mention they’re ultra comfortable and keep your feet super toasty!
Heat-tech Undergarments
These legit changed my life! I wear heat-tech leggings and long sleeve tops under everything in the winter! They’re thin enough to not look frumpy under your outfit, but most definitely keep you warm!
Weather-Friendly Accessories
I know it’s so hard to find functional yet fashion-forward winter accessories. I mean, am I the only that struggles to find tech gloves that don’t look like they belong to your dad? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds below - these really change the game when it comes to functionality and style during the winter!

Now I want to hear from you guys! What are some of your favorite winter essentials for the season?

This post was sponsored by Sperry’s. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Chelsea as of Late.

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