December 12, 2018

The One Item You Should Pack for All Winter Travels

The holiday season is upon us which means...Christmas Carols! But also, tons of travel, hehe.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m an over packer - no doubt about it. I’ve for sure gotten better throughout the years, but by no means am an expert, yet. Whenever I’m heading somewhere cold, any and all practical packing goes out the window. What is a 50 lbs limit? I want to bring cute OOTDs, but also don’t want to freeze to death, but also what about cold weather accessories? I mean berets are a staple, am I right? Needless to say that my bag is always overflowing and overweight. I especially hate when something uber practical and not that “IG friendly” (like say, winter boots) takes a ton of space/weight - which is why I’m so excited to introduce you to my new favorite pair from Sperry’s. They’re both super warm and, in my humble opinion, #shoesdaytuesday approved!

These are their Maritime Cruz booties, and I might or might not need professional help ever taking these off again. These babies make you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine all.the.time! They keep your feet super toasty, but also go with just about every outfit. I can see myself wearing these with leather leggings, a long flannel and a cute aviator jacket to run errands - or with black jeans and a cute silky top for a wintry outing. Ugh - the possibilities are endless!

So I beg you, if you are heading somewhere cold for the holidays, or if you live somewhere cold - ahem...New Yorkers - consider these wardrobe staples. Promise you won’t regret it!

This post was crafted in collaboration with Sperry's. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Chelsea as of Late.

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