November 15, 2018

A Fall Weekend in Boston with the AC Hotel

 Hey beauties! Coming to you guys with a quick hotel review today. If you follow me on Insta you know that I spent the first weekend of the month in Boston. I hadn't been to Boston in years (!!) - I believe since my high school days, actually. So when the AC Hotel in Downtown Boston invited me to spend a weekend I thought, why not?

The bus ride from NYC is around 4 hours. Not the most comfortable ride in the world, but doable. We got to Boston at around 10:30 p.m. on Friday and went straight to the hotel. The staff greeted us ever so warmly and hooked us up with a nice charcuterie platter and sparkling water, awaiting us in our room. The front desk peeps were super accommodating and gave us great recommendations for the next day.

As far as the room, we felt it was plenty space for two. The usual bathroom/bedroom combo with a great queen bed and a desk/work area. The room also had a couch which I thought gave it a nice home-y feel!

As far as other amenities go, the hotel also had a great mid-sized gym, a bar/lounge area and breakfast for an additional $20 per person/per morning. We ate breakfast both days at the hotel and can confidently say we were very pleased with the selection. As far as rates, a weekend stay this time of year averages $200-ish a night.

Thank you, AC Hotel, for a lovely stay!

PS: if you guys want tips on what to do/eat while in Boston, let me know in the comments!



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  1. wow, love the review! I really adore your pictures with all the Fall things. you look gorgeous!! x
    have a lovely day!


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