July 11, 2018

Beaching It For Less with Skedaddle

Yay summertime! As most of you know, I grew up in the Caribbean so salt water is my second home. As soon as the weather permits, I find myself running (really, sprinting) to the beach. This is why I was so excited to learn about the $10 bus ride service Skedaddle will be offering this summer!
Ok let’s backtrack. *WTF is a Skedaddle?* Skedaddle is an app that essentially connects people with destinations. Sort of like a ride share for long distance. So say you’re going to a concert, for example, and want to join others that are already heading that way, or maybe start your own route for your homies to hop in, Skedaddle facilitates these services.

Now back to the beach! For all of my New Yorkers - Skedaddle will be offering $10 bus rides to and from Long Beach every Saturday throughout the month of July. I know...so cheap! I had the pleasure of experiencing this service myself this past Saturday and let me tell you something, it was so so easy!

The bus picked us up from 41st street at 9:00 am sharp and dropped us off by the Long Beach Boardwalk in less than 45 minutes. I kid you not! From there you have a full beach day ahead of you. You can hang out in the boardwalk, ride bikes, visit the many little shops and food trucks nearby, or you can go down to the beach. Disclaimer: there’s a $10 fee to enter the actual beach but it is so worth it. Such a clean, chill beach, y’all!

Jay and I grabbed breakfast on the boardwalk then went down to the beach where we chilled hard for about an hour or two. Jay tried to go in the water but after 5 minutes of freezing his tush she eventually caved in and came out. We tried catching some World Cup games (reception is weak hehe) then started kicking the ball around ourselves. At around 2:00  we came up again, grabbed lunch by the food trucks, walked around the boardwalk and just like that it was time to head home. The most perfect beach day if you ask me!

I seriously encourage you all to try the app if it’s available to you. I know I’ll be using it beyond just this month and can’t wait to continue to share my experiences with y’all.

Happy summer!

This post is sponsored by Skedaddle. All opinions are my own.


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