June 19, 2018

Two Curly Hairstyles I've Mastered

Hey ya'll! As some of you may know, I've gone 'natural' since April and haven't looked back. It's been such a journey to get to know my real hair texture and and learn to truly love myself as I come. I thank God everyday for giving me the courage to start and the confidence to own my truth day in and day out. 

Anyway, that's a longer story for a different day but today I want to show you guys two super lazy, curly style I've mastered throughout the last few months. Kid you not, they each take less than two minutes. Great for transitioning hair, too!

Keep on scrolling to see how I'll be styling my hair pretty much all summer.


This first one is super simple. Just grab a side of your hair. Lightly twist as you pull back and secure with two to three bobby pins. For extra hold use Ouai's Curl Jelly. I swear by it!

I discovered this next hairstyle totally by accident! I was reading up on the famous 'pineapples' and tried my hand at one. But because my hair is so short, this half pony was the best I could do. I'll usually leave a few "bang" strands hanging in front to give the style a more messy vibes. I'll also tousle the top a bit upon securing with a hair tie. I'll finish the 'do with some Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil for extra shine!

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