June 8, 2018

Girls Just Want to Have Caboodles - National BFF Day

Hi babes - happy National Best Friend Day! Hard to imagine our lives without our best pals, am I right? My BFF Carmen and I have been inseparable since we were four years old - aka for over 20 years! I always joke around that we’ve known each other for too long not to be best friends. #LogicalThinking

Carmen and I grew up watching Argentinian soap operas, dancing ballet (she was always so much more disciplined than me...hehe!) and having our regularly scheduled sleepovers. As time passed, and our conversations evolved from “boys have the cooties” to “I can’t believe so and so held my hand today!” our sleepovers remained the constant. And they always involved late night chatter over “makeovers.”
Another fun fact: Carmen and I are 90’s babies! So you know, The Spice Girls were our religion and Caboodles were every girl’s must have. It certainly helped keep things “in order” in the middle of the chaos that were our childhood bedrooms.

I have so many fond memories of growing up with my best friend - most of them involved staying past our bedtime, chatting the night away. Even when fate had different plans for us - I moved to NYC when I was thirteen and Carmen stayed back in the Dominican Republic until college - sleepovers became our new “catching up" time. We’d come home from Quinceaneras, put our goodies away (again, as organized as can be) and would dive right into how the evening unfolded. That’s why I’m so happy to partner with Caboodles to celebrate my soulmate, Carmen, for National Best Friend Day!
Sure, we might store more “adulthood” things (like cable bills) instead of ring pops and colorful scrunchies, but the sentiment remains the same.
Anyway, here’s to a lifetime of sleepovers and late night chatter with you, my bestie!


This post was sponsored by Caboodles. All opinions are authentic and my own.

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