January 15, 2018

2018 Goals and Intentions

Hey guys - happy 2018! 

I know that I'm half a month late (happy MLK day, btw!) but I really wanted to share my goals and intentions with you all - so here it goes.

I've always liked the idea of New Year's resolutions. A fresh start, a clean slate. A chance to reinvent yourself however you wish to. That's not to say that you can't do this on a random Tuesday in May, as well; but something about the first day of the year gives us a sense of new possibilities that's hard to shake. And I'm into it. 

This year instead of resolutions I wrote down five statements - intentions if you will - that I wish to put out into the universe. These aren't things I know I will accomplish overnight (though if it were possible, I'd probably go for it) but rather aim to chip away at day by day. Without further ado, my intentions + goals for 2018 are:

Be Creative 
This year I really want to push the boundary in the creativity department. I want to ideate new ways to connect with you all. I want to expand my vision for this blog and the ways + mediums I use to express my thoughts. I want for every piece of content I share to have intention, and purpose and for it to be the best representation of what I'm capable of doing. This will be the year of ingenuity!

Be Unapologetic 
Had a bit of a hard time explaining this one to my mom - ha! "But what do you mean you want to apologize less? What if you messed up? What if it's your fault?" 

What I mean here, however, is to stop apologizing for who I am and why I am the way that I am. To stop doubting myself and start unapologetically owning who God created me to be. To take back complete control of my person and not let anyone take even an ounce of it. 

Be Fearless
Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of not being enough. To all of these fears: good riddance. 

Live More
This is exactly what it sounds like. When I was 20-21 I was madly in love with life and with my city, New York. I feel like "adulting" stole away a bit of that infatuation from me but I'm ready to snatch it back. Started to check this one off with an impromptu The Killers concert last week. Needless to say they were ah-mazing.

Love More 
Not just those around me, but the person or family in need that I may not know. My neighbor...

 Also, earth. Earth needs some major love rn. Inspired by @lissettecalv, I've taken the pledge to go completely plastic free this year - you can read more about it here. And because there will be growing pains, every time I mess up I'll be donating to a worthy cause such as the Environmental Defense Fund

And that is all folks. Small task, I know. But I have faith in this year and in God's plan for this year - I know it'll be one for the books and I can't wait to go along for the ride!

Stay blessed,



  1. Just kidding ! Every day you learn something new and I believe you can absolutely learn from your chicos (as). I will also be 'UNAPOLOGETIC" this year. My goals are :
    1- GOD first, all else falls into place.
    2- Slow down a bit, regroup and prioritize
    3- Love and live everyday as if it's your last day.

  2. these are all such great intentions, love the unapologetic one!


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