August 16, 2017

National Thrift Shop Day ft. Crossroads Trading

Growing up I have always been keen to shopping. From a very early age I've always had a strong opinion on the things I wear, hence my mom always found it easier to just let me shop for myself rather than having to take a million trips back to the mall to exchange all of the things I refused to wear. Like I said, v strong opinion...

Now fast forward to my early teens with absolutely no cash to my name. My passion for shopping kept growing but my budget shrinking. Cue thrift shopping! 

I first uncovered my love for thrifting in sunny Tampa, Florida, thanks to my g'ma. There's this running joke in the family that her local Goodwill is her "personal Victoria Secret". She introduced my mom and I to the marvelous world of second-hand shopping and it's sort of been our thing since.

During my college days thrift shops were my saving grace. Thrifting was my way to experiment with trends and "street style" while not going hungry. This is when I came across by far the coolest thrift, Crossroads Trading. They're a "fashion-forward" second-hand store that selectively curates their collection to cater to a younger audience. Millennials, if you will. 

The neat thing about Crossroads is that you can also sell your unwanted garments to them, for cash or store credit! So if you're looking to give your closet a quick refresher while on a tight budget, this is your one-stop-shop. More on their selling guide here.

Since National Thrift Shop Day is tomorrow, I've partnered with Crossroads Trading to put together a fully thrifted look that's perfect for the upcoming transitional weeks. My top, jeans and handbag (yes, this trendy beauty) are from Crossroads, which totaled up to a whooping $64.00. Talk about a bargain!

So whether you're an avid thrifter or just now dipping your toes into the second-hand world, make sure you check out your local Crossroads on National Thrift Shop Day!




Top: Zara c/o Crossroads Trading  | Jeans: American Apparel c/o Crossroads Trading | Bag: Etsy c/o Crossroads Trading | Sandals: c/o Saks Off 5th | Sunglasses: Rainbow OPT | Crescent Necklace: Forever21 (similar here)



  1. Okay this look is beyond perfect! Just my style!


  2. Obsessed with your thrifted look! Especially love your bag, total summer vibes~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  3. I've never gone thrift shopping but it seems fun! I love your outfit!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  4. Beautiful look :)
    Especially the sunglasses suit you SO well.


    1. Thank you so much! They're a staple in my closet these days.


  5. This is such a cute look and I adore that little bag.


  6. Love this cute look! I also used to do thrift shopping during my college years. It was so much fun! Loved reading this post. :)

  7. I shop for myself when I was younger as well! Lovely outfit by the way, I love your denim pants!

    Jessica |

  8. I really like this outfit! That shirt it's so cute xxx

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  10. Me rechifla este look, sencillo pero llenos de detalles maravillosos.


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