April 5, 2017

Five Non-Essential Travel Essentials You Should Always Pack First

We've all been in that situation. The flight is taking off in a few days (if not hours), we haven't packed a single thing and are freaking out because of it. What comes next is what I like to call panic packing. Read: throwing things frantically in a suitcase, causing you to forget those non-essential essentials that will make your travel life so much easier. But worry not; today I'm sharing the five things we're prone to forget when panic packing (I like that term, might make it a thing), hence the five things you should pack before anything else! 

Before I dive into the subject, can we briefly talk about these dreamy monogrammed suitcases from Mark and Graham! These are from their new jet-set collection (how fitting) and come in navy and cream, with multiple monogram color options! They're also made of that sturdy, boxy material that simply won't let up no matter how good you are at ranking air miles. Plus, you'll never ever misplace them because they have your initials plastered onto them. I mean, truly winning from every angle here! Btw check out some of my favorite travel goodies from their site:

Now onto the list. The five things I can't ever board a plane without are:

1. Portable Charger
There's truly nothing worse than running out of juice while on a long flight. Especially since most planes offer wifi these days! Invest in a durable portable charger and never be that guy again. The charger pictured here, by MyCharge, can charge up to two devices at a time (tablets included) and holds 90 hours of extra battery life!

2. Comfy Pajamas 
I know what you're thinkinging, "but aren't pajamas a given?!" Well you'd be surprised how many rushed travelers are forced to sleep in their beach coverups (or undies!) because they forgot to pack actual PJs. It's that essential you just don't keep top of mind so it's easy to leave behind. I've been crushing hard on this silky Grana set I received recently. a.dul.ting: becoming overly exciting over pretty pjs! You'll see more of these soon;)
3. Sunscreen / Tanning Lotion
There's nothing you'll regret leaving behind more than this. If you do, you'll probably be faced by one of two situations: you run the risk of not being able to get your hands on some wherever you're going (ouch) or you'll pay a ridiculous price for it. Always. Pack. Sunscreen. Golden rule! 

4. Headphones
Another plane faux-pass. Trust me on this one, listening to a crying baby for 3+ hours is not fun. But Jetblue certainly made a case for it! 

5. Cameras + Chargers  
Because you'll want to capture your moments, duh! After all they say if you didn't snap it, it didn't happen. If your phone is your camera device don't forget that charger, girl! 

See you in my upcoming travel adventure! Next stop: San Diego.




  1. Portable charger and comfy pajamas are definitely a must for me when I travel as well. Also, I'm so obsessed with how cute your suitcase looks!


    1. Thank you Atsuna! Mark and Graham makes the cutest monogrammed suitcases!


  2. You packing skills are amazing!! <3

    X Merel

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