August 30, 2016


Those who follow me on social media know I'm all about weekend escapades. Whether I'm crossing state lines or going over seas (I once went to Germany for a weekend-yes, really), as a full-time employee sometimes the weekend is all I have and I sure take advantage. 

Surprisingly, the biggest struggle I face when traveling for such short periods of time is not cramming the places I visit into 48 hours but rather squishing all my *necessities in a weekender bag.

*most things aren't really vital, I just make them out to be.

But after plenty of practice I can proudly say I have the science of packing down to the near T. Keep on scrolling for a few pointers that have helped me along the way.


1. Invest in The Best

There are fewer things that suck more than getting to the front of the bag check line, managing to get your (most times) larger-than-life suitcase on the scale, only to find out your 10 pounds over the weight limit. Trust me, I've been there, not fun. And after having this scenario happen one too many times I finally realized that maybe I'm a compulsive over-packer, yes, but maybe it wasn't only my packing skills that needed improvement but my actual packing device that needed an upgrade. That's when I started looking into AWAY's light-weight luggages. 

While my hunter green carry-on is easy on the weight front and small enough to fit most major airlines' over-head bins, this four-wheeled power house has a compression system that allows me to get away with packing an extra #OOTD or two- making it perfect for longer-than-weekend trips as well. It also houses a built-in battery that can charge an iPhone five times over and an iPad once. Hellooo endless snap-story!

2. List It Out

The lightest of carry-ons can't save you from that overweight fee if you simply pack too damn much. Making a list of the things I absolutely, 100% need prior to packing helps me stay focused and avoid temptation- in my case that third pair of heels I know I won't even touch when abroad but just need to take with. 

Also, I've been trying the whole "delete" trick lately and I have to say, it works! Once you're all packed, go back and take out three things you can do without. This will help eliminate the "just in case" additions you threw in and give you some extra room to bring back some goodies!

3. Wear Your Heavies

If you're going somewhere tropical and/or sunny you most likely won't have that many chunky pieces. But if you're heading somewhere cool and layer-worthy, I always recommend traveling with your heaviest pieces (i.e: coat, boots, etc...) on, leaving you extra space in your carry on. 

Also, rolling your clothes instead of laying them out flat is a hack I swear by for creating more space! 

So what are your favorite travel hacks/tips? Let me know in the comments below! A girl can always use a little extra help;)




  1. Loving the palm tree two piece suit!
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

  2. Loved the post! And absolutely loved your ideas and pictures! I love the slippers more than anything , they are so cute <3

  3. Love the shades and hat.

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  4. I love going on weekend trips! Your bathing suit is stunning!

    Bella x

  5. Great tips!! I love the palm tree suit and that pillow are SO cute!

    xo, Christina

  6. Amazing travel essentials my dear! Love that bathing suit and this suitcase sounds like a great find! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Lovely post! Great blog dear :)

  8. Amazing tips, need to start making lists so I stop forgetting important pieces.


  9. Thanks for sharing tips! I love the palm tree suit, so beautiful!!

  10. nice post
    thanks for sharing! <3

  11. Such beautiful pictures. Love your bikini!

  12. so cute! I love those sandals. I'm all about the weekend getaway too, definitely needed when you have a full time job!

  13. love the carry-on !!! charger and all !! amazing !

  14. Carry-on is the way to go! Throughout the years, I've learned to travel with less. Given the shoes are the heaviest pieces, I actually work my outfits around two pairs of shoes: the ones I travel with, and ones that I pack (plus my running sneakers).

  15. Cool pictures babe. That bikini is awesome!!

    x Merel

  16. Thanks for the useful post! Love the pictures!
    I suck at packing, so I couldn't really share advice ;)


    Claire from Dresscape


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