June 5, 2016

#CAOLTRAVELS: New Orleans Photodiary

Hey loves!

Still reeling from the dreamiest Govball weekend over on this end. I got to re-live the magical experience that is hearing The Killers live and it's just so hard to come back from that, you know?

Either way, sharing my NOLA trip with you all today! If you checked out this look you know that I got to visit this past March (almost three months ago, I know, bad blogger) for my sister's birthday celebration. 

I was truly taken back by the immense joy and positivism the people of New Orleans exude, especially given their tumultuous past. When I tell you there wasn't a single corner where I didn't see a person singing, dancing or (at the very least) smiling, I'm not lying. There's live music everywhere you go which just brought so much joy to my heart. Continue scrolling for some must visit places if you ever find yourself in The Big Easy!

The St. Louis Cathedral 
A New Orleans staple! It's a classic landmark and a very much active one of those. Our first day there we witnessed quite a few wedding parties marching along to the live music I mentioned before as they celebrated the union of the newlyweds. A truly breathtaking sight! 

I mean, if you ever looked into visiting NOLA this is probably the first place that popped up in your Google search. Known for their cafe au laits and beignets, this French-style cafe is perfect for a early morning sugar-rush or an afternoon pick-me-up after a long day of walking. We did both, and even brought home some of their ground coffee and beignet mix for later. Since visiting this place, Colombian coffee is no longer the sole-owner of my heart. 

P.S: Expect to see long lines upon arrival but fear not, they move as fast as you'll down those beignets!

Another must visit: The French Quarter, duh! 

This is it people, it doesn't get more touristy than this. But I've truly never felt more amazed by a "downtown" or "city center" area before The FQ. Not sure if I should attribute that to the colorful french-style homes or all the happy people I mentioned before but the positive energy is incredibly contagious here. Oh and be ready to snap snap snap away because every little corner is just too darn CUTE!

Within the French Quarter lies this little spot where I tried my first Alligator meat, EVER! It was quite the experience as you can imagine, but all in all I didn't hate it. I wouldn't have it for dinner every day either but as a somewhat of a safe eater, I was happy I went for it. Definitely enjoyed the fried over the grilled version, because it pretty much tasted like highly seasoned chicken:)

This is where we went to cure two days of straight drinking with some gool 'ol American comfort food. I went with a classic bacon cheeseburger and a strong cup'a coffee to revive what little spirit I had left inside of me. And it did the trick! 

Service was fast and the staff overly-friendly. Major southern hospitality here.

Post stuffing our faces at The Grill we went for a swim with the gators! Ok, it was more like a boat ride but still, pretty close. We cruised around the swamp and even got to hold a baby alligator which hadn't even opened its eyes yet! We named him Geico and needless to say all the girls wanted to take him home. *Swoon*

And that is all my loves, my southern adventure ends here! If you're planning to visit this gorgeous city anytime soon feel free to shoot any questions my way via my social platforms. I think I was most definitely a tour guide in my past life as I loveeee giving people the inside scoop of the places I've visited.

Stay tuned for some more #travelinspo coming your way soon!



  1. I cannot believe yo saw The Killers live! So jealous.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

    1. They were EVERYTHING! they sound exactly the same live as they do on record. Would totally see them a million times over!


  2. Oh, what a great time you had there. New Orleans is so magical and wonderful place to visit, I hope one day I will go there.


    1. It was simply an unparalleled experience. Such a happy place that everyone should visit at least once!


  3. Cool shots , love the clarity of your lens, u also have a good eye for photography. Nice laid back outfit , perf for summer ;-)

    1. Thanks Tina. One of my hobbies is window shopping for lenses so when I find a good one at a decent price I go for it! This is a 24-70mm :)


  4. You just made me add this to my travel bucket list! Amazing photos and travel post! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Stella, you should soooo go! Such a lively city:)


  5. Such a great photos ever i seen, cannot wait to go there.

  6. This is a great place organize an event; they have great staff and great events put on here! I had nothing but great times and great conversations at event venue Chicago. They served slider and shrimp cakes as appetizers with chicken skewers, and eggrolls that had veggies on the inside and some kind of creamy fruit sauce on top.

  7. Wow!

    This makes me want to plan a trip to New Orleans! Actually, I might just do that and hopefully we get to go this year. I've heard many great things about NOLA. It seems so amazing with all its music, history, and Cafe du Monde! And what?! Alligator meat? I might have to try it; it sounds intriguing enough!

    New reader,

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer


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