April 11, 2016


As a child, I would constantly get in trouble at school for "poor conduct" which I've accepted as the education system's way of telling my parents "your kid talks too damn much". Because of this (and the million questions I would ask per minute) my family always assumed I'd grow up to be a reporter. Overall, it's safe to say that I enjoy talking and conversations, a whooooole lot. Getting into people's brains and learning their perspectives is without a doubt, my jam.

This past February 7th however, I found myself at a complete loss for words...I'm talking radio silence. This was the day Carmen and I got to cross "visit the Grand Canyon" off our bucket lists. 

Time will run its course, but I don't think I'll ever be able to forget this day. I remember walking up to this (essentially)giant red whole, seeing the thing and having nothing to say for about 2 minutes (after a few timely slur words of excitement of course...more on that in the short video below). It's all-encompassing, it's astonishing, it is simply majestic. But let me take you back to the start so you get the full picture. 

If you guys read my latest travel post you know that Carmen and I took a birthday trip to the great state of Arizona back in February; the Grand Canyon being the protagonist of said adventure. We hung out in Phoenix for a day and then road tripped it to the GC the day before my big 23. 

It was a 3.5 hour trip with the most diverse landscape you can imagine. We went from dessert to winter wonderland and then back to dessert within a few hours span (see for yourself in the video at the end). 

A few Spotify playlists later, we had finally made it and it was actually happening. The excitement we both felt was simply uncontainable. But the feeling of being there and experiencing the Grand  Canyon quickly over-ruled the previous. 

I felt happy, humbled and little (very little), but most of all, just thankful. Thankful because in my short 23 years of life I've been blessed to see so much beauty with my own two eyes. Thankful because I was welcoming another year of living on this breath-taking planet by accomplishing yet another dream. Thankful because my sister by choice, whom I've been best friends with for almost 20 years, was there to live this dream with me. And most of all, thankful because I know I've been awarded far more than some people could ever even dream of in a lifetime. 

I can sit here and try to explain all the feels for hours but the truth is, words don't do it justice. The only way to really get it is by living it and that's why I'm always encouraging people to travel as often as possible, for as long as possible. There's one thing money can buy that will make you richer, and that is a plane ticket, try it!





  1. Great post, I love this place! I hope you get to go back there!

  2. It looks amazing, stunning pictures, I would love to visit here!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

    1. Thank you Amy! I totally recommend putting it on your list. Such an unreal place!


  3. I need to visit Grand Canyon someday! looks amazing, and I must say.. I love your outfits as well!


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