March 15, 2016


If you follow me on insta (@chelseaasoflate) you would know I had the pleasure of (finally!) visiting the astonishing state of Arizona, for my birthday last month. 

It all started on a regular Tuesday afternoon at work. I was google chatting Carmen when I realized we hadn't booked an trip in a while. A quick browse through Jetblue's flight deals, a brief call to our favorite hostel (hosteling international) and BAM we were on our merry way. Most people don't believe me when I tell them it's that easy to travel, but this is legit how we make it happen. If your pocket allows and so does your job, the only thing stopping you from traveling is yourself, and it's important I put that out there. 

Anyway, back to the trip! We arrived on Friday night (technically Saturday morning), got in our Toyota Yaris rental (in love with that car be-tee-dubs) and were off to our crash pad, the Phoenix Hosteling International. After a couple of minutes (OR 45...thanks bunk-bed-neighbor who was also a compulsive snorer) we finally hit the sac. 

Saturday morning we woke up to a mid 60s and sunny Phoenix, which encouraged me to wear the H&M embellished skirt you'll see below. Post complimentary breakfast, we were off to our first stop: Last Chance *heart-face emoji* where we scored mega-discounted goodies and didn't even have to arm-wrestle anyone for anything! #winwin

We browsed and shopped for a few hours until our hunger got the best of us. Since we were in the mood for Mexican we headed towards Barrio Urbano, where I had a bomb burrito while Carmen devoured her tacos. Nedless to say this spot is a must visit if you're interested in having, oh, I don't know...maybe the best tacos e-ver!  

We decided to walk off the 5 pounds (minimum) we had just gained by checking out the Roosevelt Row Art District, in downtown Phoenix. Here we stopped for an ice coffee at Jobot Coffee and Dining and took in the colorful street art of the area. 

We ended our first day in this enchanting state with dinner at the hip and Hampton's themed (ironic, I know) The Mountauk in Old Town, Scottsdale. When you go here do yourself a favor and order a rose sangria. You can thank me later.

Photos by myself and Carmen Candelario



  1. Beautiful photos! I love your blog!

    xx Isabel

  2. You give me so much inspo to see the world.


    Aïchatou Bella

    1. Thanks Aicha!! Everyday trip I make gives me that same feeling of wanting to see more:)



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