February 1, 2016

#BeautyBar: Oui Oui! So French, So Fab

You know those times when you're just so stressed and tired that all you want to do is to book a flight, pack a bag and dip? You're just about to swipe the plastic but then you take that painful look at your bank account and realize you just can't pull it off. I know I have and that's why today I have an alternative getaway which is pocket friendly and just as relaxing: a spa! And not just any spa, Soho's chic new beauty spot, Marie-Lou & D

After their oh-so-fab Parisian launch soiree, the Marie Lou & D gals invited me over for a Sunday of de-stressing and treated me to one of their refreshing facials. 

After chatting a bit with my cosmetologist, Courtney, we decided to go with a Polyphenols C15 Detox Facial to tackle some sporadic acne issues I've been facing recently, and let me tell you, it was the best "under 10 minutes" decision I've ever made!

Marie Lou & D is one of the few salon/spas that uses the Caudalie products here in NYC. If you're not familiar with the name, they're a french based (Bordeaux to be specific) skin care line that came about when the founder, Mathilde Thomas, discovered the then wasted treasure of anti-oxidants in grapevine and grape Polyphenols. And to think there are still people that doubt the power of wine! (or its origins in this case).

Some of the products Courtney used on me, which I can attest to their greatness, were the purifying mask, the deep cleansing exfoliator and (my favorite) the eau de beaute or beauty elixir. 

P.s: The entire personnel at Marie Lou & D is super talented and attentive but when you book your facial, make sure you ask for Courtney, she has magic hands!

So remember girls (and guys), next time you're feeling overwhelmed or if you're simply in need of a touch up of some sorts, check out Marie Lou & D over on W. Broadway. You'll feel like you hit the reset button and walked out a new person!

Don't forget to tweet me some photos when you stop by @chelseaasoflate 



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