January 23, 2016

Top Travel Destinations for 2016

Hola chic@s!

And happy #Snowpocalypse2016! I'm currently happily snowed in with a glass of wine in hand and my favorite show at the moment (Esperanza Mia!) playing in the background. Pure winter bliss if you ask me!

Naturally, when I spend too much time on my laptop, as I have today, the first thing I do is fantasize about and research my dream destinations. Since one of my goals for this new year is to cross off at least three of my dream destinations, I'm sharing a few of them here so you guys can hold me accountable once 2016 comes to an end! 

1. Marrakech, Morocco
I just long for the beautiful ceramics, the markets & the colorful spices! I feel like this is a place full of culture and I'd love to dive into it. Plus, I've never been to Africa in general so it would be an amazing first time! 

2. Cartagena, Colombia
I was super close to going here last spring break but I ended up going to St. Lucia instead. Ever since, this has been top of my list. Who knows, maybe this will be my parcero year after all!

3. Hawaii
Because dreamy beaches and the easy-going lifestyle, duh!

4. Phoenix, Arizona
Super-dupah excited to be going here in two weeks! Ahhh I can't wait. Like I said before, expect tons of photos from this trip soon!

5. Mexico City, Mexico
Because I went to Mexico before, but something about only going to Cancun made me feel like I was cheated out. So to the capital I'm heading!

6. New Orleans, Louisiana 
The french quarter just calls my name. And all the booze ain't bad either *smirk emoji here*

What are your top travel destinations for this year? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. !! Marrakech, Cartagena, and Hawaii have been on my list for several years now!! I've gone through the process of planning trips to the three destinations in the past, only to just go elsewhere. :( These need to happen. Also, can't wait to see your Arizona pictures!
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    1. Tell me about it! but hey, as long as you're traveling that's truly what matters!


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