January 26, 2016

48 Hours in Montreal: A City Guide

Hi lovelies!

This past October, I had the opportunity to spend my gal-friends' birthdays in the beautiful city of Montreal. Ever since I went to Toronto in 2013, I've been craving to visit the French Canadian side and being able to go in the fall was just the cherry on top. We landed on a Saturday morning, grabbed a cab (40 bucks flat rate from the airport to the city center) and went to our Airbnb in the downtown area. The rest is all fun and games!

Our time there was pure perfection, from the colored leaves to the just-right chilly weather, we couldn't have asked for more! I will admit it's a very diverse city, that will take you from mid-eval Europe to Sky-scrapers Town in just two bus stops, but once you grow accustomed to the quick change of scenery you begin to fall in love. Keep on scrolling to read my favorite spots in the 514!

Grab a bite!

Go here for brunch and don't miss out on Des Cantons! It's the perfect brunch meal that will keep you satisfied till it's dinner time. Also, the service is amazing! We were in the mood for mimosas and our waitress hooked us up with a champagne bottle and some OJ as it would be a better deal. Sweetest soul in all of Montreal. 

Delicious gourmet pizzas and cheap wine is what comes to mind when I think of this spot. Also, more lovely service! Seriously, what do they feed the people of Canada, they're just so damn nice!

Hands down THE bombest spot for breakfast in all of Montreal! It's their version of IHOP (sorta) but with way better food and a much nicer ambiance. They also have a few locations in the U.S but are originally from Montreal. I had their Southwest Sunrise omelette and I was (still am) completely heart-struck. You can't miss out!  


For a Parisian feel that won't break the bank! Think cobble stone narrow streets and an overall great atmosphere. While you're here don't forget to hit up the Vieux Port de Montreal aka the Old Port. 

We had an unusual for us, normal for the Montrealians, Sunday mass here as the entire service was in French. Non the less, amazing architecture here! Oui oui

3. Rue St. Catherine 
I don't really recommend shopping a ton in Canada if you're from or making your way to the US at some point, simply because the prices are way higher and taxes literally kill. However, if you're in the mood and you simply can't contain yourself, this is the place to go. All major shops are here, from Urban Outfitters to Sephora. Think of it as a Canadian 34th street more or less.

Booze it up!

This is the number one bar I recommend in allllll of Montreal. Outside it looks like your regular ol' pub, with intense dive-bar feels. But once you're inside it all transforms! They have thee cutest garden in the back, with leave-filled high walls and (once again) the best service. You legit feel like you've left the city and entered this magical garden place, booze included of course. Can't go to Montreal and not stop by this place!

I hope you guys enjoy this mini-city guide, and once again feel inspired to pack a bag and go! 48 hours is more than enough time to get a taste of any new place, try it!




  1. Thanks for the article ! I went to Montreal for the 1st time last June and it's a really great city ! Especially the old Montreal :)


    1. Totally agree with you! Old montreal was my absolute fave!


  2. Such a great city! Although I've been there only during the winter so I am sure I didn't get to enjoy the most of it but was still beautiful.

    xx Z&G

    1. I bet it was so lovely to see it covered in snow too!


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