December 1, 2015


Can you believe the holiday season is in full swing already? It sure did creep up on us but if I’m completely honest, I’m not totally mad about it. The only thing I truly look forward to when the temperature starts dropping and the tights come out to play, is this very month when the city lights up with joy and families come together to celebrate. And in my opinion, there’s no place more magical than NYC to spend your holidays in. Below you guys can read up on some of my favorite activities to get into the holiday spirit, that is if listening to Christmas Carols on repeat for 4 days straight ever fails. These include:

1. Stop by the Tree Lighting
This is a classic and it’s happening tomorrow! While some people will argue that it’s a bit too “tourist trap/chaos” for their taste, I think nothing says holiday season like witnessing a 78 ft. tall Norway Spruce come to life with the most beautiful lights you'll ever see!  Not to mention all the on-point performances that will take place; so far Pentatonix and Carly Rae Jepsen are amongst the list of performers. So whip out your fuzzy socks and puffy coats, because it’s bound to be a looong night of fun!

2. Window Shop 5th Avenue
Even if you’ve crossed off everyone on your list (which if you have, cheers to that you overachiever) this is a pretty stroll to take on a not-so-freezer December day. Think about it: you, your grande latte in hand, endless shops with nothing but outstanding decorations and displays…it can work!

3. Go Ice Skating in Bryant Park
While I don’t (ever) recommend you try this on a weekend, this is by far my favorite rink to visit during the holidays. Not only do they have those heavenly heating lamps that keep you from catching frostbites while at the same time not melting the ice you’re skating on (*insert Sponge Bob maaagic meme here*), but when you’re just about done going around the same circle over and over again, you can take a lap around the Christmas themed (sometimes overpriced) market that the park hosts every season. A must visit!

4. Grab a Hot Chocolate by Rockefeller Center
Like the 3rd point suggests, Rockefeller Center’s rink is not my top choice for ice skating, mainly due to the high volume of tourists that make for really long lines, but it never hurts to sit around and take in its beauty. Swing by Au Bon Pain or CaffĂ© Benne for a cup-a-hot chocolate and sit around the plaza for a glorious view that will definitely make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Indulge in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
Because, perfectly choreographed holiday numbers, duh! I mean, seriously, think of how hard it is to crack into that show and become a Rockette, that’s how good these women are! Every time I go it’s like the first time and I simply love that about it. You can’t miss it!


Photos by Andres Henriquez


  1. These are such classic activities! I LOVE walking down 5th Ave during the holiday season. The decorations are out of this world!
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