November 17, 2015


There's truly nothing I love more than an early Sunday morning in New York City, because, while the rest of the world is resting or "easing into Sunday", us New Yorkers are already up on our feet, dolling up for what promises to be another exciting day. As an unwritten rule, it must all begin with a killer brunch (I mean what else are Sundays for if not this very meal) but after that it's all a myriad of possibilities. Today I'm sharing with you guys two of my personal favorite Sunday activities here in NYC, which are: 

To swing by the Farmer's Market

First of all, the energy at this place is simply amazing! Everyone's happy and giddy and it's all over fresh produce. These were taken at the union square farmers market, but there are a billilion options out there! And what's better than strolling through dozens of tents that offer the best food selection while also checking things off your grocery list? Very little things, I tell you. Plus, you're supporting local vendors that really appreciate your business, so go ahead and give this one a go, you won't regret it. 

Union Square Park

Union square, New York, NY

To hit up my local Flea Market

The Brooklyn Flea just happens to be my favorite, but trust me when I tell you, there are sooooo many different ones out there. 

Here you can score the absolute best finds, both new and previously loved, that you know will be unique and different since, well, it is brooklyn. And if you get hungry from all the shopping you can casually stroll through to Smorgasburg as its conveniently being held under the same roof as the market for the winter months. #winning  

Industry city
241 37th street
Brooklyn, NY, 11232

If you do happen to swing by either of these types of markets this weekend don't forget to tweet me a pic at @chelseaasoflate, I would loveeeee to see them! And tell me in the comments below what's your favorite Sunday activity!



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