November 10, 2015

City Guide: 48 Hours in Berlin

Hello gorgeous people! Isn't this rainy Tuesday just perfect to stay in bed with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, catching up on your favorite series? Too bad adulthood called and said: not today!

Today I'm sharing with you guys my guide to Berlin, which I'm mega excited about because it was truly a once in a lifetime experience for my ultimate travel partner (my mother) and I. This trip was extra special because: a) we ventured out there for a weekend! Yes, we're absolutely insane, we've been told. And b) because Germany is a country that's super rich in history but at the same time you feel so distant from it. I'll expand on that a little bit later but for now let's start with...

(Duh, food comes first)
Now remember, because we were only there for two days (36 hours to be exact, thanks Lufthansa for being sucky and making our trip shorter) we only got to eat/drink/do so much. 

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stra├če 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Go here for a mouthwatering brunch and the second best coffee you'll have in Berlin, according to moi of course. Here I ordered Belgian style waffles with a side a bacon and my mom had their scrambled eggs with toast, because quite honestly we weren't huge fans of having raw pork at 7:00 in the morning, yes I'm looking at you traditional German food. Also, as if things already weren’t Americanized enough for us, I threw the word "mimosa" out there while ordering and naturally had the waiter looking at me puzzled and slightly amused. I proceeded to explain what the drink was about, and slanted grin (maybe internally laughing at my borderline alcoholic tendencies) he said "sure we can make that for you". So, now you all know, should mimosas become a huge hit in Berlin, you have your girl to thank for, just saying!

The Bird:
Am Falkpl. 5, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Not sure if I remember this place so fondly because the food was plain a-ma-zing or because this was where my mom and I had our first proper meal after traveling for what felt like an eternity, therefore seeing  a plate of hot food was some sort of God-sent, holy miracle. Either way, go here for burgers that simply won't fit in your mouth, they're so big *chuckles* and, of course, a tall glass of Warsteiner. Nomms! 

Beer! Everywhere you go! It’s Germany for God’s sake.

Coffee Fellows:
Frankfurter Allee 115-117, 10365 Berlin, Germany
Here I had the best cappuccino cup while in Berlin. I picked up a cup from the location by Alexanderplatz, which you should visit anyway to get up-close and personal with the iconic TV tower. 


The East Side Gallery:
Arguably the most popular wall in the world! This is what most people refer to as the "Berlin Wall Memorial" even though that's a completely different sight (get your facts right people!). A must-see/can't miss if you're ever in Berlin. It's touristy yes, but it's also beautiful to see how something so horrendous could be converted into a massive work of art for the world to admire and at the same time never forget what happened there. Oh, also don’t forget to cross over the other side of the wall and walk along the canal, it’s a marvelous view!

Mauerpark Martket:
This is a tourist’s Sunday ritual in Berlin where you can cross everyone off you souvies list! Here you’ll spot tons of new, slightly loved and vintage bits and bobs, a perfect example of which is the camo lightweight jacket I scored, which the vendor assured me (about a thousand times) wasn’t from a time-period I didn’t want to be rocking. While shopping here don’t make the amateur mistake of paying the suggested price and always bargain with the vendors! Take a page from Iris Apfel’s life and haggle people! Trust me, it’s expected of you.

This is one of Berlin’s historic squares that is surrounded by the Konzerthaus (concert house) and the French and German Churches. It has the old European feels that some parts of Berlin lack due to the reconstructions post-WW2. This is a bit of what I touched on earlier in the post in the sense that when you walk around Berlin you go from old world to modern arquitecture by crossing a street, which at first had me a bit disconcerted but after a while got used to.

Holocaust Memorial:
Another must-visit while in the Gray City. Granted, it is naturally a strong plate to digest, and most people can’t get through the memorial without chocking up at least once. At its street level it’s lined with tomb-like cement fixtures that represent those who were murdered during this horrific time and inside it is no less difficult to process as there are personal letters and messages from those persecuted. Personally, I wouldn’t have had the same Berlin experience if I didn’t get to stop by here and I do recommend everyone attempts to go because I’m a strong believer that when you visit a place you have to get to know the good, the bad and the ugly to truly say you were there.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini-guide to Berlin and if you know someone heading there soon be sure to share it with them! If you've been to this city or Germany in general, tell me what was your favorite sight in the comments below, I would love to know.

Stay beautiful!



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