October 27, 2015


Hi lovelies,

Coming back to your digital screens with a CAOL classic OOTD post. Today's look: one clearly shot back in the summer. This is something I wore when it was still warm but I sorta craved fall a little bit. Boy was I a fool, from now till May I'll be wishing for the exact opposite. 

For this get up I wanted to marry some "cool girl vibes" with a "I'm kinda androgynous but not really" feel and I did so (or attempted to anyway) by pairing the glitzy top with the boyish short culottes. Which bee-tee-dubs I found at the Club Monaco "outlet" store (in quotation cause it's literally the size of a regular mall store) which is one of Queen Center Mall's hidden treasures. If you dig their style but not their prices then that R/M train trek is definitely for you. Trust me when I tell you it'll be wellllll worth it. I paid like 7 bucks for these silk bad boys! 

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this look and it doesn't make you miss the blissful warm days too much. And if it's already too late for that, don't worry you're not alone. I'm kindaaaa counting down the minutes till Memorial Day already. #TheStruggle


Sunnies: Ray-Ban (here)
Top: Thrifted (similar here)
Culotte Shorts: Club Monaco (similar here)
Bag: Kate Spade Small Hayden (here)
Heels: Massimo by Target (similar here)

Photos by Andres Henriquez

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