October 29, 2015

5 Tips on Staying Organized When Your Life is Complete Madness

There will always come a point in one's life when sleeping seems like a commodity rather than a daily activity and you must learn to love coffee more than your puppy because your tasks just seem impossible without it. Whether you work full time and have other passions you're pursuing, leaving for NO free time whatsoever (umm..hello self) or you're juggling school, work and, well, the rest of your life, we've all been there one way or another and know how much it actually blows. If any of the above sound all too familiar, this is exactly the time when you have to be more organized than ever in order to get shit done and stay productive. Here are some tips that help me keep my head afloat when my life wants to pretend it's the Titanic and hopefully can help you all as well: 

1. Declutter your spaces! 

Office, room, car, dorm, bathroom, kitchen, whatever it is that surrounds you, declutter it ASAP. Now, I know how hard this can be, especially being a former hoarder myself, but trust me you'll feel sooo much better afterwards. Purging unnecessary crap and organizing well what stays behind will help you have an overall clearer mind. My trouble area was (and probably always will be) my closet-slash-dresser. In the past year, however, I've been gradually getting rid of things that were either too old and I just never wore which has definitely made it easier to get dressed in the mornings. A fun app that has made parting with half of my wardrobe way easier has been Poshmark (or any online selling app really) where you can set up your own little online shop so that when you get rid of pieces you once adored you know you'll at least be making a mini business out of it. 

2. Manage your time wisely.

This is im-pe-ra-tive! If your life is anything like mine (a hot mess) you have very little "free time" meaning you have to do the most with what you have. I'm talking utilizing commute time, lunch breaks (this post is being written in one), weekends and even vacations to do what must get done. It sounds like a lot, and yes sometimes you have to take a break, but it's all about prioritizing. You'll know what's more important to you and you'll act accordingly. My weekends now are shooting time, writing time, and editing photos time because for me that's way more fulfilling than kick-my-feet-up-and-do-nothing time. So it's definitely a personal choice but all I'm saying is choose wisely because time does not stop for anyone aka it is prescious. Also, say no to procrastination! 

3. Plan ahead

To continue with the previous thought, planning things ahead is the best way to manage your time wisely. If you know you have something to do, pencil it in to a reasonable date and time so when that time does come you have no excuses. Which leads me to my next point which is...

4. Write it all down!

Unless you're a real special person who can remember absolutely everything you have to do without any visual cues then writing things down will definitely make your life way easier. Personally I like to mix "old school" agenda writing with "new school" phone calendars and reminders. I bought a huge yearly calendar/agenda to write down all things blog related (posting times and national-whatever-it-is-day reminders) and some personal notes like important birthdays and upcoming trips. The rest, like events, errands and work schedules I plug into my iPhone calendar so I always have it with me on the go. Once you start to get in the habit of writing things down you'll know what style suits you best but I promise you this practice works. Some of my personal favorite agendas/notebooks right now are this one, this one and definitely this one

5. Now, live your life!

It'll be so much simpler and easier to enjoy your time when you know all things are in place and settled. You'll be able to think clearly making it possible to actually achieve your goals. So go ahead and develop your own personal game plan. And don't forget to share in the comments how youll do it, I'd love to know!




  1. Life is completely change at a particular point; we just imagine that previously we have enough time to enjoy our life and now days due to busy work schedule we don't have enough time to spend a quality life with enough fun and enjoyment. We just realize that we are addicted towards certain things like workaholic nature, used to ability, loneliness and many others; so in order to boost our life we should understand the importance of life as well as spend some quality time with friends, families and others. While following some quality tips from here we are able to boost our life and able to manage a good balance in between life and work.

  2. Completely agree Kyle! Thanks for reading and I truly hope these continue to help!


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