October 23, 2015


I cannot even begin to describe how good but at the same time strange it feels to sit behind the screen and write this post right now!

I guess I can start with hello! So happy to be back in my groove and writing to you guys again. The last month and a half of my life has been absolute chaos as I starting working at a magnificent yet mad PR agency that literally swallows all of my time (and social life for that matter). It's definitely been a blessing but when I started to pick up the rhythm of what has now become my life I quickly realized I wouldn't have much leisure time to shoot and post and keep pursuing the dream that is this site for me. So naturally I considered quitting it and completely focusing on my PR career, which lasted about 2 days and a half, maybe, because the void that these photos and words filled in my heart was too big to ignore and since then I've been planing my "comeback". 

But enough chitter chatter, let's jump to the good stuff, what you're all here for: Chelsea As of Late's guide to Austin! 

Back in July (whoa, where does time go?!) my sister and I once again did our usual/crazy travel number. Hopped on a plane Friday night, woke up in a new state Saturday morning, adventured, explored, ate (more than we should have) and flew back to NY early Monday morning to continue with our week. You know, extra normal stuff.
While there I picked up two things from Austin right away. The first was that it's nothing like the rest of Texas (for freaking sure), and second that the word hipster is a term that never truly belonged to Brooklyn as it's meaning and visual description lies exclusively in this place. After all they do call it Hippie Haven for God's sake. 
Keep on scrolling for places to see/eat/drink if you ever find yourself in this oh so special city. 

(of course this comes first on the list, right)
Handlebar Rooftop: 
because the newyorker in me couldn't resist a few cocktails in a higher than sea level space.
121 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78701

White Horse:
Warning!-Only come here if you're willing to sweat your life away while you dance the night away in a semi-cowboy like environment. Oh, and if you like 5 dollar beer...can I get a: score!
500 Comal St, Austin, TX 78702 

Perfect chance to visit the claimed Rainey Street. Most people have mixed reviews about this area but my sister and I had a marvelous time here. Chill vibes and good spicey drinks, what more could you want from life?
77 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Sawyer & Co:
A finger-licking brunch selection. Reasonable prices. A healthy mix between a late 50s outdoors diner and a LES cafe. Enough Said. 
4827 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702 

Cow Tiping Creamery:
Because let's face it, it's the only real way to beat the texan heat. Plus its in a truck which made us blend is extra well with the whole food truck movement happening down there. 
2512 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705 

Do yourselves a favor a order the breakfast burrito here. Promise you won't regret it.
1010 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702 

Las Trencas Taco Truck:
Of course I had to save the best for last. After biting into our first few tacos from this place (trust me, the rounds were many) my sister and I came to the realization that bumping into this truck conveniently parked on the way to our AirBnB could only be something planned by the all-mighty. Holy flipping crap, are there tacos good. Let's just say we ONLY had dinner from this place during our stay in Austin. Oh and did I mention the tacos are only a buck fifty, as in $1.50, as in crazy cheap. There's just no way you can visit Austin and not stop by this  heavenly place, period.    
1210 E Cesar Chavez St Austin, TX 78702

Kayaking in Ladybird Lake:
It's fun and affordable (about 10 bucks per hour) and you get the best view of downtown Austin possible. Do wear light clothes (for the heat) and be ready to get wet cause it will happen. 

HOPE Art Gallery:
This is a space where anyone and everyone can come and graffiti as they wish. Essentially every tagger's Disney Land. 
Side note: cool spot to shoot OOTD pics for all my bloggers out there.

HOPE farmers market: 
It's Sunday tradition to hit up a farmers market after brunch so my sister and I picked this one as our Austin choice. It wasn't packed with vendors per se but it did have a nice park area to it and a live band so all in all, chill vibes all around.

Zilker Park's Barton Springs Pool:
If you're looking to escape the city for a bit and relax hit up the springs. It's a super fun place to spend an afternoon that won't put a dent in your wallet (tickets are 4$ for non Texans). 

South Congress:
This is the default strip every city has that one cannot leave without visiting. It's a mix between hotels, shops, restaurants and bars. Here we stopped at Perla's for some sea food and brews (interesting combination, I know) and at Gypsy Wagon which was one of my personal favorite stores in Austin. It has all sorts of cute home accessories that will make you swoon. 


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