July 21, 2015


Hello lovelies and happy Tuesday! 
Cheers to getting through Monday which we all know can be a tad bit rough at times.

Today I'm sharing with you guys my Baltimore photo diary and a little guide I put together for this city by neighborhood. My best friend Carmen and I spent a weekend in this charming place (wink wink) as we both had off from work and needed a mini-escape from NYC. As per usual we were craving exploring a new space that we hadn't been to before so I pulled up my map (aka Google Maps of course) and browsed for a place close enough to get to via bus but far enough to feel like a getaway, so Baltimore is where my eyes landed and where we took off to.

To our pleasant surprise it turned out to be quite an awesome city! Keep on scrolling to learn more on this lovely place and hopefully get inspired to pack a bag and skip town. 

Mount Vernon: 
This is where our hostel was situated and a pretty central location to stay. 

To See:
1. The peabody institution library is a major sight to see. It's right across the street from the Washington Monument (which Baltimoreans claim to be the first one in history) and close to a few good restaurants and bars. You will definitely feel like you've teleported yourself to 19th century Europe, I promise. And the best part of this attraction: it's free! my favorite word.

2. The original Washington Monument. Like I just said, charm city residents claim it's the original. And while it's smaller and less astonishing than the one in D.C it's still nice to sit around and admire. 

To Eat:
1. Ten Ten Ramen. Carmen is a self-proclaimed ramen addict so of course as soon as we passed this spot on our way to the library she knew that's where we had to eat. It was my first ever ramen experience and I have to admit, I might go down the same path of addiction as my soul sister has. If you're an amateur at this ramen thing like I am I recommend the Miso bowl. It's easy on the palette but still very savory. Oh and of course, you have to have a Sapporo in hand! You know, to help with the digestion process... 

2. George's at Mt. Vernon. Go here for brunch! It lives inside the Wyndham Hotel and the menu is pretty varied. The staff is the nicest and the food super filling. I had the breakfast wrap but replaced the eggs for grilled chicken for a mouth-watering breakfast/lunch. They also have 6 dollar mimosas all day on Sundays so yeah...case closed. 

Federal Hill:

To Do:
1. Stroll down Montgomery Street for the prettiest neighborhood sighting that of course consists of a cobble stone road and different colored homes. This street also leads too...

2. Federal Hill Park. This park is on a hill (yes it's a hike) where you'll get the best view of downtown Baltimore and all the harbors. You'll also find some benches here to catch your breath and take a rest from that Baltimore heat under the trees.

To Eat/Drink:
1. Stop by Ryleigh's Oyster joint for some local/authentically delicious seafood. Here I had a cream of crab soup and Carmen their Oysters and both dishes were finger-licking good.  

2. Dance and drink at The Stalking Horse. It's just a few doors down from Ryleigh's and after hours the music becomes too good to resist. Think R. Kelly throwbacks followed by Steve Aoki house music. Also their drinks are pretty reasonably priced. Either that or I'm just a jaded New Yorker whose used to seeing up to $20 prices in the cocktail menu. Either way, good spot.

Fell's Point:

To Do:
1. Stroll down Broadway for a vintage feel with a recurring theme of cobble stone streets and colorful shops.

2. Score unique gems that won't break the bank at the local Goodwill. I hit the jackpot with a pretty Lilly Pulitzer summer frock and a J. Crew tweed tee that's perfect for fall.

To Eat/Drink:
1. Indulge in delicious Baja Mahi tacos (which you can DIY to "gringo style" or authentic–their words not mine) at Papi's Tacos and the strongest (but still delicious) margaritas I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. I'm so serious, one and you're done.   

 Inner Harbor:

To Do:
1. Buy the all day water taxi pass ($14.00USD) and cruise from harbor to harbor to explore what each has to offer. This taxi takes you all the way out to Fell's Point and Fort McHenry if you're looking to avoid the long sweaty walk.

To Eat:
1. Hop off the water taxi at harbor numero uno and pop into Phillip's Seafood. It has a bit of a touristy feel (because of it's location and size) but the food is good and affordable. Try their soups and their mango margarita which is light and refreshing.  

2. Once you're done with your meal walk over to The Best of Luck Candy and Ice Cream shop to combat the baltimore heat with a decent sized ice-cream cone. 

That is all for now lovelies. Hope you guys enjoyed my little guide and get to use it some day if you're ever in Baltimore. If you guys need more recommendations or have any questions about the city feel free to comment below, email (chelseahenriquez@hotmail.com) or tweet me @chelseaasoflate. I'm always here to help!


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