July 8, 2015


Summer's here and in full effect and as of late one of my favorite spots to frequent has been Rockaway beach. Like I've said before, I know some people cringe at the sound of it's name but I tell ya, Rockaway is not what is used to be. Post-sandy reconstructions have truly done the beach well making it a delight to visit these days. My friends and I have gone twice this summer and we've found the 106th-108th street area to be the best, as it is close to Caracas Arepas and in a not too rowdy area. Oh and if you didn't know, Caracas makes just about the yummiest arepas there are! 

I had also been hearing (and seeing tons of posts on insta) about the Rockaway Taco joint but was sad to find out that the seasonal truck wouldn't be coming back this summer. My frown was quickly turned upside down when I did a little research and figured out that the owner of the taco spot had returned under a different name and at a different location (and this is why we should always read up on things kids). Post-beach sesh I dragged my friends out to Tacoway Beach (the new name of Rockaway Taco) and indulged in the best maji-maji tacos I have ever tasted! I am 100% serious, they are finger-licking good, so don't miss out if you're ever in the neighborhood. Plus the truck lives inside of the Rockaway Beach Surf Club which will seriously have you thinking you teleported to Hawaii.

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