June 21, 2015


Two Sundays ago my close friends and family got together to celebrate my graduation with me. It was a beautiful fĂȘte, with the prettiest decorations and yummiest food (thanks mom, dad and sis) but as I tell all those who ask "how does it feel to have finally graduated?" it's all very bittersweet; the more I celebrate the more pressure I feel to have my life together. And I know I just graduated and I have the rest of my life to figure it out, but somehow not having a semester to look forward to or any papers to stay up all night writing has left me a bit disoriented. 

As per common sense, I imagine I am not alone in this awkward college-to-real-life transitional sentiment, so my advice to all those who are in the struggle with me is: breathe. If you're on the same ship as most of us and don't the next 5 years of your life mapped out (let alone the next 6 months) it is okay! things will start to take shape slowly but surely. This is what I've come to terms with.

The way I've approached this period of my life is by always staying active (working, applying to jobs in my field and traveling) and not allowing the nature of this time stop me from feeling accomplished. 

Whatever you do, don't let anything stop you from celebrating because we have earned it! We worked hard for 4 years+ and we have completed a task that many can't. 

So cheers to us, Class of 2015! 
Let this beautiful thing that is the rest of our lives begin!




  1. Loveeeeee the detailing! Congrats Chels,WE DID IT!!

  2. I believe you are totally equipped for a brilliant future ! May God continue to bless my Jamoncito !! So so proud of you ! Ma


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