June 26, 2015


Hey lovelies!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, back in April I made an extremely short trip to Los Angeles which lasted exactly 24 hours. We (fam and I) didn't have major plans while out west so the majority of our time there was spent eating. And since every place we stopped at had yummy food I decided to put together a short guide of places you shouldn't miss if you're ever in the city of angels. 

See below for the deets and don't forget to comment if you've ever been to any of these places!

1. Joan's on Third
By far, one of the best brunch spots I've ever visited. The inside of the place has modern market vibes going on with all things organic/local and a healthy selection of baguettes and cheeses which was so very LA of them. Once you order your food inside you can grab your number, sit outside and soak up the glorious golden coast sun while you wait for your plate. I really liked that they had this "walk up to the register and pay" system going on because it certainly avoids the sometimes awkward, always lengthy process of splitting up the bill. Here you must try the pressed chicken, bacon & brie sandwich with caramelized onions which indeed tastes just as delicious as it sounds.

2. The Roosevelt Hotel
Such a classic L.A spot. The open-to-the-public pool area is perfect for sipping on cocktails and chatting with friends post brunch. This place can be kinda pricey as it doubles as a luxurious hotel so here I would recommend going for a couple of brews if you're on a budget.

3. Zinc Cafe & Market
Last but certainly not least is the Zinc Cafe and Market. This place is popular for it's brunch/lunch selection but being that it was the only place serving hot food at the time we landed (11ish PM) we headed here for late dinner and were ├╝ber happy with the results. Here I recommend their wood fired pizzas and (as per my mother and sister's reviews) their mandarine margaritas. 


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