May 8, 2015


I can finally say I survived my workshop class! Well..kinda. My team and I got through the toughest part of our senior capstone campaign which was our event. And now we're down to the final client pitch and walking across the stage at graduation! This weekend is the final grind-mode stretch of the semester and I'm so ready to get things done! 

In the meanwhile I'll leave you guys with this early-spring look that my friend Juan Luis and I shot a couple weeks back. I have this affinity to mix different shades of blue at once; if you've been reading my blog for a while you might have picked up on this. This is one of my favorite spring "coats" I scooped up late in January from no other than *drum roll please* Old Navy! Yes I know it's totally random, but I always say, when shopping never limit your options! Personally I like daydreaming about Chanel just as much as I love thrift shopping.

Anyway, I'm off to doing a million things on my day off.
Hope you all have an amazing weekend!



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