April 29, 2015


We dedicated our third day of this caribbean adventure to exploring the island's southern gems. Our day started with breakfast at Cafe Olé in the Rodney Bay Marina and from there we headed down south. The drive was approximately 2 hours and the roads not straight whatsoever. As a matter of fact I would recommend anyone who's prone to car sickness to steer clear from this island in general. When we finally made it there we were greeted by the picturesque town of Soufrière. Our first stop was the "drive-in" volcano and the sulphur springs. We decided to buy the combo tickets and access both sights and while the volcano is a sight to see I would recommend only doing the springs since you can see the volcano from a far (without tickets) and the "tour" given is pretty short. The hot springs were a über mind-blowing experience for me since it was my first time and it was super weird to wrap my head around the fact that I was swimming in 100°F waters that just came down from a volcano. We also covered our faces and upper bodies in mudd from the springs for a free.99 spa treatment. 

After removing all volcanic residue from our bodies we made our way to our second destination, the Diamond Botanical Garden. And after getting lost about 30 times more (still no signs on any road in the south) we found ourselves surrounded by St. Lucia's best fauna and flora. 

After spending some time in the Botanical Garden and having my BF chase all the lizards we could spot for him we began our journey back to our "home" up north. We were ex-haus-ted so we picked up some groceries and along with the previous night's indian left overs cooked a quick meal in the apartment .  

More on the trip soon.


Hat: Forever 21
Button Down and Shorts: Vintage
Sneakers: Convers
Sunnies: Ray-Ban Aviators

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  1. Beautiful photos! How calming this vacation looks.



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