April 22, 2015


On our second day in St. Lucia we were all settled in and ready to discover what the island had to offer. We decided to stick to the north portion of the island this day so drove up to Rodney Bay for breakfast. 

As per Lisa's recommendation from the previous night we went to St. Lucia's version of Starbucks with a Diner twist (her words not mine) Rituals where we all had a pretty decent meal. I opted for french toast, scrambled eggs and bacon (photo above) since you pretty much can't go wrong with that combination. Oh and of course, coffee! I must say Lucians like their coffee pretty bitter which isn't my first choice but being that I can't go a day without the caffeine it got the job done.

Post breakfast we made our way to Reduit Beach which is known as one of the prettiest beaches of the island and in my opinion, of the entire Caribbean. Picture crystal clear waters and a heck of a view everywhere you turned. There were many beach vendors that approached us very often offering us food or beach activities which Colin described as the only negative feedback he had for this beach. but other than that it was bliss! All the other colorful pictures you see were of the walk from breakfast to the beach which was dreamy to say the least. 

 Towards the end of the day we drove up to Pigeon Island where they were having a beach fair sort of thing with fun activities for the kids, yummy food (that sloppy dog was BOMB) and of course, the beach! We decided not to enter the national park because it was pretty late and we weren't going to have enough time to explore but it's definitely on my list for when I go back! 

Finally after a full day of fun in the sun we went back to our apartment just on time to catch the sunset by a hidden cliff my little brother spotted. All in all or second day was the ultimate caribbean perfection, full of salty air, picturesque views and mouth-watering food! Stay tuned for more Lucian looks and the rest of our adventures soon.


 Photos by: Colin Smith, Andres Henriquez and myself.

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