March 7, 2015


Coat: Banana Republic
Crossbody Bag: Phillip Lim x Target
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Boots: Vince Camuto
Jeans: American Eagle
Scarf: Aerie

So I'm currently a swollen, emotional,  bloody mess of a person. I had all four wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and yes it's just as painful as it sounds. I feel so helpless at the moment because I quite literally can't do anything! can barely even eat, and of course this the time I choose to watch movies where people can barf down pizzas in the comfort of their beds, hello Neighbors-__-. Since laying face up and watching movies from the side of my eye are the only activities I've manage to accomplish while following doctor's order I've been taking advantage and catching up on classics that I should've watched years ago but didn't like Coming to America. And if you want to know what the absolute worse part of this is I'll tell ya–when they take out your wisdom teeth or tonsils you're allowed to eat as much ice cream/yogurt as you like but there's simply no way to get around the nauseating taste of your favorite ice cream mixed with blood. It literally makes for the ultimate cocktail from hell, I promise. I'll just keep on praying to heal as fast as possible.

With the extra time in my hands I've also started planning my very last spring break getaway (as a student), Colombia currently leading the race. I've been intrigued by their culture since high school but it was a client last year that completely sold me on it! She had just returned from Cartagena with nothing but colorful pictures and great reviews and almost instantly my inner travel bug awoke. It's looking doable at the moment but we'll see. If I know one thing for sure is that I must get away from this cold weather asap and anywhere south of Georgia will do. 

 Anyway, I hope you all having a better weekend than me and please do take advantage of your fully functioning sets of teeth!


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