March 4, 2015


*None of the photos displayed above belong to Chelsea As Of Late. Images via Stylecaster and WhoWhatWear*

As fashion month is coming to it's bitter end I decided to compile a couple of my favorite street style shots from this season and share 'em with you guys. I personally draw so much inspiration from street style photos because it's my way to see (and admire) how our favorite bloggers, editors and fashionlites are taking the latest trends and what they've seen on the runway to the streets. And yes most of these gals are drenched in brand names from head to toe, but who said there's a single outfit that can't be recreated with what you already have in your closet or with a quick trip to the thrift? Some of these looks are obviously not very weather appropriate (these women don't have to face the hardships of the MTA or slushing through the city) and just a tiny bit out of the box but that's what I love about them. They can be so unconventional it becomes fun, and after all what is fashion if not a big ol' game?

I hope you guys are having a kick ass week despite mother nature (talking to all my north-easterners now) being on her days. And do keep posted for my Mid-Week Inspo posts every Wednesday where I'll be sharing what's on my radar for that week with you all!


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