February 10, 2015


Hello Lovelies!

So this past weekend I was blessed to celebrate my 22nd birthday! 22 is one of those years I've had on my mind for a while since it's the year I knew I'd graduate college. As high school graduation came around and freshman year started I constantly wondered where I would be as a person right about now and I must say, I'm quite satisfied with how things have played out. 

I didn't really have concrete plans for my birthday this year up until two weeks prior. I was driving around the city in the middle of an endless search for parking with my boyfriend. We were turning yet another corner to comb yet another street when a sign advertising the Grammy's caught my attention. As soon as the realization that the award show was taking place on the day of my birthday hit me I knew I had to host a grammy's themed party!
That combined with my minimal desire to go out "clubbing"  again this year lead me to send out the e-vites for my party the very next day.

I drew a lot of inspiration from Pinterest when planning the actual event. Being that I had a strict budget for the party I ended up buying most of my decorations at Jack's 99 cent store and DIYing most if not all of my props, only buying the absolute necessary (like the red carpet and stripped straws) at Party City and Target.

About three days before the big weekend my good friend Sade messaged me and a couple of our friends inviting us to celebrate her birthday at a boozy brunch with a promoter our friend Michelle knew. Being that our birthdays are so close in time to each other we both got to wear our crowns on that day. 

The party turned out to be a huge success. All my loved ones were there to celebrate with me which was all I truly wanted for my special day. We played games involving the Grammy's winners and even sang karaoke to the nominated songs. So thank you all who were a part of this wether by attending my party or simply wishing me a happy birthday!

Photos by: Carmen Candelario and Andres Henriquez.


  1. I love you! I am glad I get to celebrate yet another year with you.

  2. It was a great party...lots of fun and the best is yet to come ! Happy B-day bella !


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