February 24, 2015


Coat: H&M
Plaid Button Down: Old Navy
Tuxedo Stripe Trousers: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: H&M
Booties: Asos
Cross-body Bag: Michael Kors

Hi lovelies!

I wanted to share this look today that depicts my ultimate foolproof outfit for...well...all occasions really. I love mixing casual and dressier pieces to achieve a chill-but-put-together kind of look. I've sort of been inspired by the greats like Song of Style and Sincerely Jules when mixing these two essences. I feel like this type of outfit is perfect for day and night because you have enough of both worlds (dressy and cash) to balance each other out.

I'm currently swimming in a sea of countless homework, being dragged down by a huge anchor known as an endless "to do list" and I think I just might sink any second now. I'm juggling (or at least attempting to and sort of failing at) 5 courses at school (which doesn't sound like that much but sure does feel like it) work, my blog and being a daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend. It's nearly impossible and I truly cannot wait to walk down that stage with my ugly cap and gown on waving away that huge chunk of anxiety in my life that is currently caused by school and the work involving it.
Oh and that'll be a yes, I certainly need all the "good luck" wishes I can get.


P.S: That last picture with my hands rolled into fists totally depicts the horrific winter we've been having in NY and my attempt to put on a descent face in the picture so represent me trying to brave it but kind of failing miserably. *womp womp*

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