February 16, 2015


Camel Coat: Vintage
Oversized Scarf: Aerie by American Eagle
Trousers: Old Navy
Booties: Target

You know it's frigid outside when your dad, who loves the winter, greets you with a "damn, its cold out there"

It's no surprise to any of us who have lived in New York for more than 2 years, that every year we will experience five months of this brutal weather. Having that said, you still can't help but complaint (sometimes completely involuntary) when you have to face these 9 degree crazy windy conditions. This winter I geared up and invested in two of these plaid patterned massive scarfs. They serve a double purpose as they protect your neck/chest area and a little bit of your face too, literally squeezing the juice out of those 9 dollars and change I spent on each one of them. They also add that oh so necessary "pop of color" we  all crave for in the winter. 

Welp, this gal is checking out now, I have a day full of research and response papers ahead and the sooner I get to it the sooner I'll be free!



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