February 12, 2015


T-Shirt: Living Doll L.A (here)
Denim Jacket: Forever 21
Vegan Leather Joggers: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run
Sunnies: Ray-Ban.

Just wanted to share with you guys a quick outfit post before I have to run. School is most definitely in full session now so it's back to juggling a million things in way more casual outfits. This is another great example of a school day uniform for me. Easy layering, a cool pair of kicks and sunnies to look a bit more put together.

 V-Day is literally right around the corner, peeping its head out in my direction every five minutes reminding me that I have to A: figure out what I want get for my BF and B: figure out what to wear! It's going to be like 2 degrees here in NYC on Saturday so dresses and skirts are way out of the question. I'm hoping to pull a red and pink pant and blazer combination but we'll see if that looks a little less weird than it sounds.

Hope you all have a great Thursday oh and Happy B-day Lincoln!



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