January 9, 2015


Sequin Jacket: Michael Kors
White Button Down: Ralph Lauren
Black Skinnies: American Eagle
White Sneakers: Adidas Superstars 2.0
 Neck Bow: Asos (here)

Is it me or does the month of January sort of resemble the phantom limb complex in the sense that it still (for at least two weeks after the ball drops) feels like the holiday season hasn't ended. We spend all this time decorating, engaging in activities to get into the holiday spirit and, if you're me, breaking out every single sequin piece in your possession in preparation for the endless holiday parties you think you will attend. Inevitably when it's all said and done and we move into the new year I can't help but be left wanting more. 

See, I work in retail, where the most common phrase heard during the month of December is "retail has made me hate the holidays" but I have to say I totally disagree with that statement. Yes, it gets c.r.a.z.y in all stores around this time and yes, some customers seem to get paid to try to ruin your day; but as soon as you step out into the streets and see all the pretty lights that have taken over the city your mood switches instantaneously, at least mine did.

This is a look I put together the Sunday before Christmas to attend one of those holiday parties previously mentioned. I switched the sneakers for kitten flats when I felt warm and cozy at the fiesta for a less sporty feel. 
Oh and just a friendly warning, you guys will probably be subjected to many more sequin based get-ups throughout the year due to the simple fact that I just own way too many sequin pieces for my own damn good. 

Have a happy weekend!



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