January 29, 2015



Camel Coat: Thrifted
Faux Fur Collar: H&M (old)
Skinnies: American Eagle (here)
Sneakers: Adidas Superstars
Sunnies: Ray-Ban large aviators (here)
Rings: Forever21/H&M.

Today marks the beginning of the end of an important chapter in my life. Today is the first day of the last semester of my undergrad college career. I know this is supposed to be a super exciting time and all is supposed to be good and dandy but I can't help but feel...uneasy, for lack of a better term.
I feel like for the last three and a half years I've adopted this "college student" personality that I identified greatly with at this point which even played a huge roll in my starting of this blog. And now it's all coming to an end and I'm just not sure where I will stand come May, not only professionally but as an individual.

I've taken up a mix of really interesting courses and really challenging ones which should make for a good ol' super intense semester that I know I can handle but I just don't know if I'm ready to have it all end. I used to hate those people that would tell me "take advantage now because you'll miss it once you're done" but (although I highly doubt I'll miss the sleepless nights of studying and writing countless papers) I think I finally understand (just a tiny bit) what they meant.

In May, closer to my graduation date, I'll write a bit more on my college experience and what I'm taking away from it but for now, I'm gonna enjoy this Hershey's Cookies'n'Cream bar (my fave) that I bought myself to feel better about all these mixed emotions!


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